What is the Legacy Woman?

Really let these words permeate your being. The Legacy Woman cannot be understood…


Like that moment your deep in your breath work and all your visions come flooding to you,

Like that moment when your child is birthed and your like WHAT THE FUCK just happened to me?

Like the moment your 2 hours into your ayahuasca and you are travelling the cosmos,

Like the moment your in pitts of grief as you found out you’ve just lost a loved one and your on your knees in the kitchen trying to catch your breath,

Like the moment you SELL OUT your high end offerings and have a million dollar business…


That’s the Legacy Woman

Words can’t describe her.

She’s felt.

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When you look at her, you cannot take your eyes off of her.

Her warmth, her presence, her unmistakable being.

Such grace, yet a power that could crack your heart into one million pieces.  You want to cry just looking at her, because you KNOW this woman has walked the path of the unknown for most of her life willing to walk in the most courageous of ways.


She is a woman of spirit

Connected to spirit

Walking the path of truth, the truth being nature.

Deeply connected to the land she walks and the ancestors she stands on the shoulders of.

She is a woman of vision for this planet
The frequency of love pouring through her mission
Her work is art
Her work is of the service you only read about in manuscripts of those powerful women who have walked before us many times.
She is home
She is community
She is contribution
She is the light to your utmost darkness
She is the intuitive compass of her family
She is equal parts logic to equal parts intuition
She is embodiment and strategy
She is awareness and she is surrender
She is multifaceted
She is a Legacy Woman

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What is this incredible offering and what does it include?


 A coven of 6 months together

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Why a Mastermind?


The potency of when women come together in an intimate space for a long period of time is beyond the biggest and most transformative expansion I have ever done or taught.


My vision for The Legacy Woman is longterm.

This is a circle of women who are the visionaries.

A circle of women based in Australia and New Zealand who want to continue to raise the bar higher for their lives, their families, their businesses and their communities.


We absolutely cannot do this alone.

This space will not only transform you on a deep embodiment level. (expect to cry often, get naked and heal some deep shit)


It will also anchor in strategies and structure for anchoring in your soul’s purpose and actually having foundations for a company that makes you MONEY.


There is nowhere to hide in a mastermind. And that’s the best part. You will be called so far into your greatness by a group of women who truly truly see you.


It’s a collective space. It isn’t just me leading, it's all of our combined magic coming together to truly support each other's lives and businesses.


I am not fucking around.

Change is coming and I am ready to sit at the round table of possiblties with Visonary Woman who are here to do the thing and live an extraordinary fucking life and change the world.


Let’s go


Your Magnifcent self awaits,

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